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Undivided Hearts II
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So I told myself I was gonna limit myself to a few wallpapers a week so I don't run out of ideas and I can make a steady flow of two or three a week...but..I couldn't resist!

I really wanted to use the Heartless and Nobody symbols since my second wallpaper but never found a place for them.

By the way this wallpaper comes in two parts. The first one is just the 180° flip, for those of you that prefer it the other way around. Personally, I like the other one a bit more..probably because I spent more time on that side..or something..I dunno.

I made it so that Kairi was sitting on the Heartless symbol since she was already in that position and I felt I should mimic that with Sora and the Nobody symbol. So from there, I was trying to position Sora..but whatever I did it looked so awkward..eventually I had the idea of sinking both the symbols into a portal hole thingy, which by the way was a pain to make. Finally to fill the space in the other two corners, I put the first thing that came to mind when I looked at what I had done already.

The message relating to the games (somehow, despite making these as I go, coincidentally these always relate to an event or theme in the games) is the whole thing about the characters never forgetting each other. When I look at this, I see the theme that goes 'however far apart Sora and Kairi are, they'll always be together.' Their hearts are apart but always connected.

On that note, know that the name of this piece is also subject to change. I was trying to think of an adjective that means 'distant but close.' A contradiction I know. I dunno..I probably won't change it, but if any of you have a good adjective that represents what I just described just comment or PM me and I might consider it.

Finally, I want to dedicate this piece to Dark Flame 3479. I got the idea from her awesome wallpaper to take the Sora and Kairi from the KH1 box art picture. You can find the aforementioned wallpaper here:


Alright, hope you all enjoy this piece :]

Xx Delta77 xX

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