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Free To Feel The Summer
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Widescreen looks best! Here's the original 2560 x 1600 version~
Yes, finished another project! One day, I don't know what other projects I was working on, but I had the sudden urge to make a Sola wall; I looked through my folder of screenshots (the official scans are static, so I prefer screenshots) and found this one. Was listening to Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns 'n Roses when doing this, but it isn't representative (a.k.a. it's not a song illustration).

One challenge was changing the colors, because they were too cold in the image. I went for warmer tones since I'm a fan of warm colors. I also removed the building; I did vector it but it looked crappy so I left it out. The shadows on the two girls are made via many shape layers and I also painted some shadows to give a vibrant impression :)

The leaves still bug me, but I couldn't think of something else to put there, that could show motion. I nagged my best friend for a while and she suggested having petals fly around, but I was too lazy to make them and I'm sick of petals anyway >_> Seen them around too often. At one point I told her I was going to have sunflowers float around, to show it was summer XD I also annoyed her to give me a title for this wall, since I'm terrible at coming up with titles, so the one you see is from her imagination :D (what can I say, she was feeling artistic).

The bushes are my favorite part of this wall, along with the clouds <3 They're made with a default round brush, after playing with the Shape Dynamics, Scattering and Other Dynamics settings.
*brain too fried to write any more coherent things*

Now onto the other stuff you might wanna know:
Layers, file size: 98 (when did they become so many?!), 60 MB
Textures: Desktop Anime, InTheName-Stock
Other versions (with different colored leaves): Corner Of Art
Cloud tutorial (major love for it)
Comments andor favs are welcome and very appreciated <3

Sola Wallpapers
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