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# Model Session
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Finally, I finished it. Yatta! ^O^

First, I want to dedicate this wall to Yamibou-Eve, because she suggested me to vector this scan, and so if she didn’t do that, this wall would not be here.

Used scan: [click!]

VECTOR by me [click!]

I vectored Matsumoto in Photoshop for outline and simple colors. And after that I used SAI for the rest of coloring. After I finished the vector I didn’t know what to do with the bg, so I left the vector, then again two days I was cracking my head to think out of some bg. And when I was going to sleep IDEA just shoot in my head, I jumped out of bed and wrote it on the paper, cause I thought I’ll forgot it in the morning.

It is the first time I vector car and use it in wall O_o but I hope it looks good. After I made a car another idea came to me… let it be model session so I that’s why there are to variants: with camera border, and with border. Oh and grass, think it also was the first time I use it in my walls.

So I hope you like it! Enjoy ^___^/

Simple Version

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