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Riku and King Mickey
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Well here is my first Riku wallpaper,Riku is one my favorite characters in Kingdom Hearts 2. I didn't like him very much in Kingdom Hearts 1 cause he was such a jerk to Sora and he acted so stuck on himself. In Chain of Memories I think he starts to find himself more and he develops a better attitude and even becomes a better friend in the process. In Kingdom Hearts 2,we find Riku in darkness and wearing a blindfold and an Organization XIII cloak and he's trying to find a way to control his darkness,which he finally does and he helps Sora wake up by bringing Roxas to Diz who we later discover is actually Ansem. Anyway a basic summary of Riku's character changes, he gets consumed by darkness in Kingdom Hearts 1 and when Sora defeats Xehanort's heartless,Riku turns back to normal but the false Ansem will still plague him in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, In Chain of Memories,King Mickey helps out Riku on his quest to control/rid himself of his darkness. Riku finds he can't get rid of it but he can control it, In Kingdom Hearts 2 we find him helping Diz in able for Sora to wake up and we find Riku being a better friend. They're still rivals but their better friends in the end.
To say abit about my wallpaper, I found this amazing scan of Riku and Mickey Mouse on Minitokyo and I had to do something with it. I made this yesterday in my Graphic Design class and I used the same word texture that I used in my previous wallpaper. I also used a picture of Disney World at Christmas time and I guess this would express my excitement to go to Disney World a second time. I'm going on December 1st and my Dad,Cami,and Luke will be going with me. I'm so excited and I can't wait to go. I have some pictures of Luke and I with Mickey Mouse. I really like how this wallpaper turned out and I hope you guys like it too. I would like to dedicate this to RSRKingdomStars cause I know she is a huge fan of Riku. I can see why,he is pretty cute lol.
Word texture found on photobucket
Scan from Minitokyo
Disney World stock image by various photographers
Riku and Mickey Mouse art by Shiro Amano
Kingdom Hearts (c) Square Enix and Disney

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