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The Glory Days
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I wonder can you figure out who some of these folks are?
This is simply all the captains and vice captain from the turn back the pendulum arc. I thought the bleach fans might be interested in it.
2nd squad: Omaeda's dad, Marenoshin Ōmaeda is VC
3rd squad: the old woman is Iba's mom, Chikane Iba she was apparantly Rose's VC
4th squad: i think that guy is hanatarou's bro
6th squad: VC is byakuya's dad, a guy call Kuchiki Sojun (looks just like Byakuya huh?)
7th squad: VC is apparantly sentaro's dad, Jin'emon Kotsubaki
11th squad: Kenpachi Kiganjū, the 10th kenpachi

This is spose to be the stuff from the new Bleach:Official Character Book 2.
Check wiki for more info. ^^

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