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I saw this scan here: Kratos over at animepaper and decided I wanted to do something with it. The only problem is I already liked the idea of Kratos in front of a blackboard and about to teach a class.

So I decided to extract it and create a background that would be similar but big enough for a nice sized wallpaper. I always forget how much I hate extractions until I go and do one. XP

Anyway, these two stock images were used to create the blackboard effect: shigeoARAI and cfrevoir. I also used textures that I found here: DyingBeautyStock.

Some of the brushes came from DA as well and some were a part of my photoshop elements. I know the stuff on the chalkboard is from DA but I don't recall the user name since I got it so long ago.

Anyway... time spent: around three and a half hours with a total of 12 layers. Widescreen is best since I trimmed the sides off for the other resolutions.

Dedicated to Kei of course since she understands the hawtness known as Kratos. :p

I also got the title of this from Kei since it's what she called my avatar I made from this scan when I first saw it. XD

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