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Alrighty! For my first entry, I chose Yuffie Kisaragi for the character that Katty-chan reminds me of! <3 I love Yuffie, she's a lot like me in many ways, so it's far from a bad thing! XD

To show you what I think Katty-chan and Yuffie have in common, I copied her list of personality traits and underlined which ones resemble Yuffie! <3

I'm Random
Hyper, I tend to get hyper a LOT!
Moody, I get mood swings like crazy due to my Bi-Polar
I can be shy
I love to have fun
I want to always be there for my friends. I care for them deeply and only wish them happiness
I can be violent but in reality i could never harm another living being
I hide my sadness with a smile because I don't want people to know i'm sad, so i just smile and act like nothing is wrong even though i'm crying on the inside.
I'm nice or at least i try to be
I'm the anti-Ari, i'm the total opposite of my sister. I'm the light and she is the darkness
I can be very emotional, and i'm a very enthusiastic person
I'm talkative
I get pissed easily

I love cats....they are so fluffy. nya!
I'm not good at expressing my feelings. I'm kinda a Tsundere. I have a hard time expressing my feelings at times. Like love confessions and i show affection in some weird ways
I'm not exactly social but i'm more social than my sister
I'm weird, maybe a little crazy, people say i am! XD
I'm loud! *yells for no reason*

I'm goofy! I like to laugh and joke and i love to tease people!
I'm a protective big sister/friend! hurt my sister or my friends and i kill jooh! kill jooh dead with a foam finger of doooooom!
I'm always thinking, i have a lot on my mind. I'm a deep person, i'm deeper than i seem.
I want to live life to the fullest! I believe smiles make everything better and i try to think about positives and not negatives! I try to make people smile when they are down.
I hate bugs, and spiders! *shudders* i'm scared of them! >.<
I'm curious by nature.
I'm brutally honest and i'm not afraid to say "you are annoying me!" in other words i speak my mind.

I will always be there for my friends and family! I will always have there back! A never ending loyalty.
I caring and helpful. If someone needs help I try my best to help them and I care about those I love.
I'm creative!
I'm very clumsy!
I like to give nicknames to people, things, or animals.
I'm serious only half of the time, unless I truly need to be. Most of the things i say shouldn't be taken to heart, i have a sarcastic humor, but i am also very serious when i need to be, actually i'm a very serious person.
I'm cheerful and outgoing.
I can be impatient and I always need to be reassured on things sometimes.
I can have my negative moments.
When i first meet someone I am shy, but once i get to know you i open up!
I can be immature at moments, but Mature when i need to be.
I'm always tired, i'm usually sleepy, i sleep in class XD


Yuffie Image


I hope you like it! <3

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