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2560 x 1600 and textureless versions over here.

I should prolly be working on the wallpaper for Arete III, but I get distracted so easily it's not even funny anymore D: I'm also a dumbass: I had to save all the versions again because some stupid layer covered up the yellow spot on her left eye D: But anyway, this is the right version, the one I wanted to submit.

Buut, here it is. The story is simple: after seeing this scan, I knew I could make a wall with it because it's simpler than others I have on my list. I admit I wasn't too attracted to Kunie Kanbara's style in the beginning, but now I've grown to like it; it has matured somehow and looks much better, in my opinion.

As always, I went against the flow: Kunie walls have always been crisp and clear. I'm the special snowflake that decided she wanted a grunge Kunie wall on her desktop. I'm prolly gonna be disliked for "ruining" her style, but I made this primarily for myself and am just putting it out there, in case anyone wants it.

I began by vectoring the image itself, then added the text (which looked like this in the beginning). After that, I realized it looked kind of empty and started extending the "bubbles" which I actually interpreted as clouds in this wall, added the "rainbow" and then the "forest". Phew, I'm all out of quotation marks.

# of layers / PSD file size: 51 / 97.6 MB
Time: 2 days, on and off. Took a lot more than I expected.
One beautiful scan by MapleRose.
One paper texture from Dioma.
No walkthrough because I didn't think it would take me that long D:

If you need the vector, ask me for it. I won't be submitting it individually because I see no point in doing so, but I'll gladly give it to you if you need it.

Dedicated to Kunie lovers. Hope you don't think I messed her style up too much. Critique is welcome and very appreciated <3 (not to say faves and/or hugs aren't lol)

EDIT: here's a 2560 x 1600 version, textureless and with more contrasting colors.
EDIT #2: another eye-popping special!

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