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Another Shining Inheritance / Brilliant Legacy (찬란한 요산) wallpaper. I got the DVD over Christmas and fell in love with the show multiple times over again, so this was begging to be made.

I liked this picture that came with the DVD set because Eun-sung and Hwan just look like there lost in their own world together - like nothing matters but each other at that moment.

The lyrics I added just for some extra oomph and because Korean script looks really cool. The song the lyrics are from is 1:03 by 넬 Nell, a Korean alt-rock band. They go:

일초가 일분처럼 또 하루가 일년처럼
ilchoga ilbuncheoreom tto haruga ilnyeoncheoreom
A second like a minute, a day like a year

길게만 느껴지네요
gilgeman neukkyeojineyo
It feels so long

잊혀질 것 같았던 너의 기억은 시간이
ihyeojil geot gatatdeon neoui hieogeun sigani
Memories of you that I thought I could forget

갈 수록 선명해져서 이젠 손에 잡힐 듯 해요
gal surok seonmyeonghaejyeoseo ijen sone japhil deut haeyo
Become clearer with time; now it feels like I can grasp them with my hands

(If you want to listen to/see the entire song, click this link)

Hope you enjoy ^-^

P.S. - As usual, the 1440x900 is the HQ version because that's the size of my computer screen. 1024x768 distorts

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