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The inversed butterfly
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First of all: I'm stuck! I have inspiration ( too much I would say!), but no ideas... So I'm stuck.
And second: I might be a genius for creating this or I'm just flattering myself like an idiot!

I'll let you all know the story behind this one: I started with the background first. I had a general idea, but I tried various combinations before I found the perfect texture and the perfect combination! It wasn't that hard.
After creating the background I viewed a lot of images hoping to find one that fits. That was exhausting!
I always wanted to do a "Hell Girl" wallpaper and I knew about this wonderful vector I found once, but I tried it and didn't fit. Here's the funny part: then I realized I can rotate the vector! XD
I laughed at myself a lot! Like I said, I'm a genius! I feel I'm even smarter than that kid on the news who's smarter than Albert Eistein! XD

Hope you all like it! Enjoy!

P.S I want to know: genius or not for making this?


- vector: by Chloe-chan for EGAO! Distant Destiny
- textures: Feel resources, Newspaper by locololastock
- brushes: Brushes Pack 004 by atenaispd
- lyrics: SNoW ~ Sakasama no Chou (The Inversed Butterfly)

Hell Girl Wallpapers
black, buterffly, dark, hell girl, light, lyrics, paper
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