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Amulet Fortune
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I haven't seen too many wallpapers of Amulet Fortune so I decided to make one. I found this really pretty screenshot image of Amu as Amulet Fortune and I just had to make a wallpaper with it. She turns into Amulet Fortune in episode 100/101 of Shugo Chara Doki. She does a really pretty open heart attack. I just think Amu looks like a princess in this form. It's so pretty. It also reminds me of the Disney Princesses too lol. I just really like Amulet Fortune and wanted to make a wallpaper of her.
This wallpaper features Hinamori Amu as Amulet Fortune. It's a joint character transformation with Ran,Miki,Dia, and Suu. It represents Amu wanting to find her true love which in my opinion is Ikuto. Some think it's Tadase but everyone's entitled to their own opinion lol. I used some textures and I blur erased her veil to make it look more transparent. I hope it looks ok. Dedicated to Angel Zakuro. I hope everyone else likes it too.

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