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ALEX, this one's or you, my love ^_______^ EPIC SUMMER is written in my TOTALLY FANTASTICALLY AMAZING new "KINGDOM HEARTS" font (from the always-reliable dafont.com) ^____^ "it's going to be" is written in the spiffy new "BEYOND WONDERLAND" font (also from my beloved dafont.com) :D

and, of course, if it's going to be as amazing as we want it to be, what other way can you describe it than as "LEGEN- (wait for iiiit) -DARY!!!" right?? Dude seriously, we're gonna find a way to rock this summer, no matter what, girl!! once i find a second job and things settle out, we're gonna do some epic things, dare i say some LEGENDARY things <3 !!

(btw, i can never thank you enough for turning me on to NPH <3 i had the greatest conversation with joey last week about how freaking amazing he is. cutest little brother- 16 years old, and acting just like NPH ever time we watch HIMYM XD too adorable!!)

heh ^^ sorry for the rambles! we have so many inside jokes, it's often another language. actually, it IS another language. when i'm down, she finds a way to remember a great quote from one of the most recent books she's had me read, and while it would be complete gibberish to anyone else, it totally MAKES MY DAY. this girl is LEGENDARY ^____^ so this is my tribute to the epic summer we are going to somehow manage to have, despite everything going wrong so far. we WILL get to magic waters, we WILL have "Sexy Weekend" starting with the release of BEASTLY ("because, underneath all the bullshit, there's...i don't know...something!" XD XD XD god I love that movie). please don't mind this nonsense!!

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best friend, dressed up, epic, epic summer, friends, LEGENDARY, summer 2011
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