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My entry for 'Love for the Under-appreciated' challenge by vampirehitsugaya.

This was a fun challenge...except that I went overboard...*shakes head*...And by overboard, I don't mean the good kind of overboard...O.o;

I'm pretteh sure I picked the right character for this...I think it fits all the criteria:

- Barely says a word
Actually...he does, kinda...but only for liike half a chapter, so maybe that counts? I'm surprised how much he talks even with his cute stutter~! X3

- You can't remember their name
Haha! XD I don't remember any of the names from Shirokuro Kitan except for Raiya! XD
- Doesn't appear a lot in the manga/anime
Well...yeah, only half a chapter...then he's basically dead...*shakes head*

- Would they get the least amount of votes in a popularity poll

I doubt they would be IN a popularity poll...XD But there aren't that many characters so far, so maybe...

I love almost all the characters in Shirokuro Kitan, but since this was about the under-appreciated I decided to go for the under-under-appreciated (since nobody seems to read Shirokuro Kitan in first place...>3>). Immediately when he appeared I freaked out! He is sooo adorable 'cause he's like a cat/owl...thing...I dunno what he is...But he's ADORABLE~! And he has this cute little stutter...X3 Too cute! Too bad he dies...'orz

If we were talking about overall under-appreciated, the I could totally choose my love Raiya (in my avatar)...but we're not...and Raiya's close to a major character. I dunno if he's a villain, I'm confused...but I think...uhhh...his cousin? Is the villain thar, 'cause he's a crazy jerk...>3>

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Love for the Underappreciated

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