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The Masterminds
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This challenge has been in the back of my mind ever since Darkarax created it and I've finally gotten around to finishing it.rnrnThese are my picks for an army. >:Drn"No matter what era, they're never the ones to take actions themselves until the climax scene. That's what a true mastermind is."rnFor this team, I tried to include the clever ones, the ingenius, the cunning, the manipulative and the sneaky. Or as Darkax might say, those with "genius level intellect."rnrnSome of them might have been kings (Lelouch vi Britania, Akabara the Vampire King, Jing the "king" of bandits). Some might not even be considered as heroes (the outlaws: ex-con Akiyama, the bandit Jing, the thief Kurama, the terrorist Noa, the vigilante L, the fugitive Akabara, the usurper Lelouch). But I believe each and every one of them havehe skills to conquer the world if they so wish (which some of them actually do or choose not to).rnrnother than that...my coloring skills need work as the 3 characters I colored (can you tell?) stick out from the other better rendered characters. =prnrnbesides having genius level intellect these guys have:rnCode Geass: Lelouch LamperougernSupernatural power: the GeassrnSpecial Weapon: Knightmare framesrnrnJing, King of Bandits:rnSupernatural power: Gir RoyalernSpecial Weapon: Gir gun that attaches to his armrnrnSwot: Manabizaki Kyou rnExpert Fighting Ability (dude's dream is to fight aliens)rnSpecial Weapon: heavy textbookrnrnZennou no Noa: Noa Ikurumi rnSpecial Weapons: bombs he builds himselfrn(. . . would have been better if this series hadn't kinda ripped off Code Geass but it's good in its own way once you get past that)rnrnRecord of Fallen Vampire: Akabara Strauss rnExpert Fighting Ability + Supernatural Creature: VampirernSpecial Weapon: Swordrn(the character reminds me of Rurouni Kenshin in some ways if Kenshin had been born a vampire)rnrnLiar Game: Akiyama Shinichi rnExpert Fighting AbilityrnrnYu Yu Hakusho: Kurama rnExpert Fighting Ability + Supernatural Creature: Demon FoxrnSpecial Weapons: man-eating plantsrnrnFullmetal Alchemist: Edward Elric rnExpert Fighting Ability + Supernatural Power: AlchemyrnSpecial Weapon: fullmetal arm and legrnrnDeath Note: L Lawliet rnExpert Fighting Abilityrnrntexture from brusheezyrntext from dafontrnprogram used: photoshoprn

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Akabara, Akiyama, Edward, heroes, Jing, Kurama, Kyou, L, Lelouch, masterminds, Noa
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