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Classroom Rivals
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This has to be the quickest wallpaper challenge i've ever done! I just sat down last night and made this, almost as a challenge to myself to finish a project more promptly than usual ^^

The challenge is to make a wallpaper of two characters in school attire, one of which you like, and the other you don't. I don't particularly dislike either character, but for the sake of this challenge, lets say I don't care for Honey-chan.

I used this scan for the background, and you can find the renders I used here and here.

I played a lot with the colours and contrast of different areas of the image, trying to get the left hand side to look gloomy and darker, while the right hand side stayed light and pretty. I added a reflection behind Mikuru [is that her name? I'm not familiar with that anime...] and also some shadows around both characters. I tried to make it look as though Honey was sitting on the table, I even replicated the back of the chair to cover his hand, although it got rather messed up when I stroked the outline... Oh well.

I then added the squares and the text just to make things more fun, and to really empathise how the characters feel. Honey is all alone [in detention after school] while Mikuru is gleefully leaving after a day of hard work. Then I wrapped things up with a little bit of texture and the lens flare ^^

Constructive criticism is always appreciated ^^ I hope you like this wallpaper!

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, classroom, girl, Honey, Mikuru Asahina, Ouran, school, teddy, the melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
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