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Star Trek 45th Anniversary!
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I absolutely love Star Trek Voyager. I have been rewatching the 2nd season on my computer. I have seasons 1 and 2 on DVD. I'm currently trying to track down the 3rd season but I haven't found it yet. The reason I love Star Trek Voyager so much is because of the characters and the storyline. I like how each character has a role and they have time to develop that roll. I happen to have several favorite characters in Voyager which include Chakotay, Tom Paris, Captain Janeway, the Doctor, and Neelix. I like all the characters though. They each have their own personalities and that's something you really don't see in a lot of today's newer TV shows. I made this in honor of Star Trek's 45th anniversary. I can't believe the whole Star Trek franchise has been around that long. It's really cool. Star Trek Voyager is by far my favorite Star Trek series. rnThe wallpaper was a little challenging to make however. I have trouble with the extraction of the crew. There's just so many dark spots. I did my best and I liked how it turned out in the end. There might have been some spots I missed but then again, I tried my best to do a good extraction. Extracting photos of real people is hard because you don't have those black lines to use as a boundary like in regular anime pictures. But then again I enjoy a good challenge now and then and I hope you all like my wallpaper. Happy 45th Anniversary Star Trek! Dedicated to Angel Zakuro for being a cool friend. rnNOTE: AS ALWAYS VIEW THE WIDESCREEN WALLPAPERS. THEY LOOK THE BEST!rnEDIT: IT IS ACTUALLY THE 45th ANNIVERSARY OF STAR TREK! I MISREAD THE INFORMATION WRONG AND THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY IS A TYPO. I'LL TRY TO FIX THAT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. THANKS STARANOLD FOR LETTING ME KNOW! SORRY EVERYBODY! A CORRECTED VERSION IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOADS!

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