Angel Zakuro (Wallpaper Portfolio) so happy I could [kill].

so happy I could [kill].
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MERRY CHRISTMAS, FELCIE. I'm your Secret Santa for mikuberry's event!! :) I ended up submitting this early by some sort of MIRACLE. I honestly didn't think I'd even finish it in time because it took so much work! SO MUCH. And yes, this isn't the most cheerful wallpaper for Christmas, is it?? XD Oh well. No one said the wallpaper had to be holiday-related, right?? Lol. You had on your list that you liked Haine from DOGS, so here you go. :) And I know, Felcie, you're probably just as amazed as me that I'm your SS...cause it seems I'm always making you prizes lol! >3< But I really had fun with this.


Submitted on AP with an involved description...please go there and give me some love if you have an account. THANK YOU. <3 Also, the much larger widescreen res is there!! [Edit: I'm finally utilizing my MT account as well, submitting this wall and a few of my favorite old walls, so you can see them here.

The quick version (maybe I'll edit this just got late):
I vectored this scan. The plain/full vector can be seen here. I also used 2 other scans for the stairs and the dead guy's arm--here & here. (No, I'm not implying Haine killed Badou, it's just his arm worked so well for this lol.) Then I used my tablet to give it this sketchy feel...which is a lot like my natural drawing style, like how I draw with pencil and paper. :) Just really rough...I went with my gut on it lol. And the blood...well, I wanted to have SOME color in there, and I thought that it'd be cool if he killed some guy on the stairs and took the bullet out...and that's what's in his mouth lolol. >>'

So there's the morbid story of a secret santa wallpaper. XD I hope you like it, everyone, and especially Felcie! *hugs*

Dogs: Bullets and Carnage Wallpapers
black, blood, dogs, haine, sketch, white
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