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What is it with the Final Fantasy people and their hair? This is the second FF wallpaper I've made and their hair is just...arg. Not easy for me to get to look right, let's just leave it at that.

I will admit, this wasn't the first character I thought of for this challenge. But, the first character I thought of wasn't from one of the games listed (pity) and the only other Final Fantasy I know anything about is 7. So, I decided to go with this game (actually, I think the image is from Dirge of Cerberus) and Vincent still wasn't the character I thought of. Yuffi was. But then I thought of this song and the idea to use Vincent just clicked.

Why I chose this song really isn't something easy to explain. To me, it just fits this character really well. It has the same type of attitude that I see in Vincent (although I could be wrong since I've never actually played the game - just seen the movie) and it's a very visual song: you can just picture what's being sung about very clearly. I don't know how well I truly explained myself, but something clicked together for me.

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Final Fantasy VII Wallpapers
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