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Last minute entry mode ENGAGE! Super quick wallpaper since I just got done with a really long car trip today and I'm extremely tired. Just a nice and simple 2-image wallpaper, nothing too fancy to report~ :D Leave a comment if you can, 1920x1200 & Enjoy~

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I spent a lot of time trying to think of something I would want if given one wish. Sure I could wish for money, talent or fame, but that wouldn't be something that would truly bring me joy. Something that I sincerely wish that I had is more free time. I'm fortunate enough to go to school in a very beautiful area in the mountains, a perfect environment for an amateur photographer like myself. Unfortunately though, being a full-time college student leaves me stuck in my house studying or on campus in some dusty building most of the time. What I would really want more than anything is some extra time in a day to go out and enjoy the lovely scenery that surrounds me. While making this I found myself thinking "What better thing to want then some time with nature." & yeah there'd be the whole not-at-school thing too XD

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