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Peaceful Times
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Happy Chinese New Year Day Number 11! (holy mac, I just realized how long this holiday is o.O)

I had a funny day today. just thought to throw that out there

Anyways, here's the newest wallpaper! I must say- it's my newest masterpiece! Aren't the two so adorable together?? ^^ I went easier on this scan since it's so beautiful already. Used some music brush though from deviantart. I hope you guys like this!

Message: "Spending the peaceful times with you"
Small blue message: "Play your music for me for I love the peaceful melody coming out from there"
Small pink message: "For it was your music that brought us together"
Original scan: *-*
# of textures used: 1

View at any size for best quality. They are all the same.

Dedicated to Skitty since this was your request! I must say that I enjoyed making this wallpaper greatly- thanks for requesting it! ^^

*Just to throw this out there: A lot of people have been commenting on how they love the quotes on my wallpapers, and I'm tempted to point this out after so many comments that about 90% of my wallpapers do not include quotes....just stuff I thought of off the top of my head. ^^*

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