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Time to join the other people making late Christmas posts. This is my first one and it is dedicated to my dear far away sister, Kira. She has done so much for me, and I hope she knows how lucky I am that I met her. LOVE YOU <3333333

When I was considering gifts, I limited it to three choices per person. For her, I said, Gin, Kaname, and Sebastian. She had seen the start of the Kaname and Gin wallpapers (Still in progress) so Sebastian won. His wallpaper was supposed to be the less complex one, since I was focusing on creating a background and not worrying about more images. It definitely didn't turn out that way. AT ALL! OTL I had to restart it three times because the cut out wasn't as good as it looked further in the process, and on top of that, the hair would never come out right, always looking ragged somewhere. Grrrr. inally, after finding the perfect background, it started coming together. I learned a few new tricks to help me in more wallpapers in the creation too, blending, masking, and more of the erasing tool.

In spite of all this, the wallpaper did turn out how I had envisioned it, until I decided to add the greek pillar in the swirling darkness, emphasizing the dark mythical aspect. I multiplied and changed the colors of the rose petals around him and added some mist to pass over him. I wanted Sebastian looking dark and dangerous behind a full moon. I had fun changing the eyes to fit my purpose, bringing out the red in them. The words are part quote and part me. They just seemed to fit. I chose the title at the last moment.

Time: A couple days... once I finally figured out the problems
Scan: AnimePaper (I don't have to exact link now; it has been a while since I downloaded it to use.)
Background: Full moon at night and Greek pillar

Enjoy and please comment.

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black, Black Butler, blue, clouds, dark, full moon, night, petals, red, rose petals, roses, Sebastian
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