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I'm going to go ahead and be honest and say this is probably not the best representation of my best friend specifically, it's more of a representation of our friendship itself. (Since the deadline is today/tomorrow I didn't really have a lot of time to finish this and it's the one set of challenges I refuse to miss). Anyway! Long time no wallpapers guys! :D Leave a comment if you can & Enjoy~

Image: Minitokyo
Textures: AnnFrost-stock & Spiteful-Pie-Stock

Challenge Description: [Skip if you want~]
Going to straight-up declare right here and now that my best friend is better than yours~<3 I've known her since middle school and my life would never be as fun as it is without having her as a friend. She's the listening ear when I'm mad or upset, the only one of my friends who will listen to my video game rants, my fellow screaming fangirl, the one I can discuss and debate really important things and the most trivial of things, I treasure all of the fun we've had and she's my all-around partner in crime. She even beat me in entering this challenge~<3

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