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I'm not really sure this is my masterpiece, but I had been working on this wallpaper for about three days when I realized that if I wanted to enter it in this challenge I'd better hurry. I just barely made the deadline as it was. (Waiting so long to enter, I certainly won't receive much in the way of comments and such - which is part of how the winner will be chosen.) Anyway, about this being my 'masterpiece'… I don't really think it's my favorite that I've made - but my personal favorites usually aren't very popular with anyone else. Although I do truly like all the wallpapers I post (I wouldn't post them otherwise).

I had literally only seen two episodes of this show when I decided to make a wallpaper for Sengoku Basara. So, looking for scans over at Minitokyo brought me to this one. I immediately knew I had to make a wallpaper from it because I loved both the style and the pose.

Of course, it took me a lot of playing around (you wouldn't believe the various layers that were hid while I was working and found something better) to get it to look right. (Or even close to what I had planed.) I originally had no intention of including any sort of quote on here, but it just needed something. I do hope you enjoy.

Random fact (as requested): I use song lyrics way too often when I make wallpapers.

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