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Hunter x hunter "Long journey awaits" J.a 2012

Decided to make a happy go round wallpaper and used hunter x hunter anime this time :)

So actually pretty happy when ill heard that they decided to make remake of the old series, the old series lacked in animation kinda so stopped watching after York city arc and started reading instead because isn't it just fun to read instead, well hopefully the remake of hunter x hunter 2011 will be a lot better and can say im surprised how good it actually was got hooked in instantly :D

Those who aren't familiar with hunter x hunter series it follows a 12 year old boy Gon Freecs who follows his fathers footsteps to become a great hunter and eventually find his lost father, along the journey he meets interesting people and befriends them kinda like other shounen mangas similar setup.
Unlike Naruto where they use chakra or bleach where they use spirit power, hunters use a force called Nen and Ren it has different effects every hunter eventually finds their own path to follow ,also it has a criminal organisation ( Espada, Akatsuki) called "Phantom Troupe" so there will be plenty of fights to expect well check it out if interested hope you like this wallpaper :)

Greetings : J.a

Hunter X Hunter Wallpapers
Gon, Gon freecs, Hunter x hunter, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio
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