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Piece In Their Games
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I just recently finished reading the Hunger Games books and they were amazing. I still have yet to see the movie but I'm sure it will be awesome. I just had to create a wallpaper for the Hunger Games. I just love these books so much. They were just amazing. I wanted to show the different stuff that Katniss had to go through over the course of the story. Beyond this point there will be spoilers.
I created a collage in the background of different images I could find of the Hunger Games movie. I will list them.
1.Rue from District 11 in a tree, watching for danger.
2.Cinna saying goodbye to Katniss and wishing her luck in the games.
3.Katniss in the crowd,waiting for the tributes to be announced for District 12.Primrose Everdeen was announced but Katniss volunteered to take her place.
4.image 4: Katniss with bow and arrow as the girl on fire
5:Katniss taking her place as the tribute for District 12 next to Eeffie
6.Katniss running away from the fire trap set up by the Gamemakers
7.Katniss hugging her little sister Prim
8.Rue warning Katniss of the Tracker Jackers(sort of like bees or wasps,they're poisonous if they sting you)
9.Images of Katniss and Peeta posters in the Hunger Games
10.Katniss singing to Rue as she dies. I cried during this part in the book.
I really enjoyed makeing this wallpaper. It was a challenge to create with the collage and especially trying the right textures to use. I used an image of Katniss from some magazine scan. Sorry I couldn't find any higher resolution images of her. It was the best I could find. The quote is by Peeta Mallark who is tired of the Capital and treating everyone like they're not important. Dedicated to MangaKid, one of my best friends here on theO. I hope you like it friend. Hope everyone enjoys the wallpaper.

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