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Danza delle Farfalle
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I made this wall a LONG time ago, I don't know why I didn't uploaded it here... so..I'll paste part of the description from AP:

I love tyki and I just loved the scan when I saw it, but my idea for the wall was completely different. I wanted to make a simple vector and minimalistic wall with just tyki and some tease (the butterflies of course) but when I was at the vector layer #120 I was like"....hmmm... ok this isn't what I had in my mind" but then I said to myself " let's continue, it'll be fun to do a vecto/vexel" so I did it and when I was at the #400 I said "Holy s#*% Taina you must be insane!" haha but then I started thinking that there are a lot of awesome artists that make more detailed wall and they spend a lot of time and effort doing it, so "don't complain Taina!" and so here we are I finished it LOL

The hardest part of course was Tyki vector I did like 450 layers for him and it isn't such a detailed scan. I wanted to keep the feeling of the scan all the tease really close and him in the background with all his awesomeness <3 so I tried to keep that concept. I drew some of the tease, so I'm sorry if they don't look very good (XD) so this wall can only be two things and epic fail or a good wall (I hope it's the second one xD) I really worked hard on it so I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it ^^

Time: I can't remember but probably about 10-17 hours Layers: vector layers=530 layers= about 600 Scan: I can't find it! mmm I'm sure it was on the AP gallery (It was a old one), if someo
Please full view and any comment/fav will be really appreciated :)

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