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I'll search for you , even in the depth of the night
My way will be lit by the moonlight
I don't know when I'll find you , but it will be alright
As you'll always be close, right here in my heart

Scans. A to B
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Quote me. Though those surely aren't my words , they're probably collected from different quotes and lyrics. I just wrote what came to my mind and seemed fitting for the wallpaper...And it was surely inspired by songs I was listening to , one of them being -x- (the part "kogoeru arashi no yoru mo
mada minu kimi e tsudzuku " even though the correct translation would be different. And I wasn't trying to use that, but later realized my quote was surely inspired by it)
Ah, I'm gonna become a poet XDD

This took long (by my standards)..I was working on it for about 7 hours, but on and off ...There was surely more than 4 hours , but I can't say anything more precise.
And what happened -.-.-.- I made the size wrong (1600 by 1050 ). If the ps document still wasn't open, I would've broken something . I had to move the whole text, and I really liked the first placement. Sp I tried to make it as similar as I could to what it was. But it is still a bit different (of course), and I liked the first version more. It was 10% cooler. But I love this one as well so it's ok.

Dedicated to Fikret ^^. This was supposed to be the "random dedication" XD. I first found the background scan, and was looking for something fitting for it when I remembered SaW. So in the end it was more "completely made for you", but you won't mind :P you should be happy

I have to say this is my fav from all the walls I've made so far.

Random dedications are still open -x-

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