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You know, it's strange: I never really learnt how to swim - not for any real major reason - but I'm not afraid of the water. I used to be, but only when the vehicle would get too close to the water. I always loved going over bridges (even after my sister told me about all the concrete that had fallen off the big one on the way out of town) and now I just adore the water.

The thing that I love the most is probably how it's almost like a different world under the water. I adore the old ships that sank and all the history that was preserved. I love how you often find talk of civilizations (sometimes real, sometimes fantasy) that might live underwater. (I also am fascinated by the whole legend of Atlantis.) I also remember reading about a variety of tube worms that live near (or in?) the thermal vents and how they live in the most inhospitable region on Earth - which, considering the magazine I was reading, also brought about mentions of that how, if creatures could survive there, there is a possibility that there could be life on other planets in the solar system. Just like the amazing creatures that live deep underwater, like the fishies that glow in the dark. One last thing that I adore about the underwater ecosystem is that in a lot of the science fiction that I've seen and read that take place on Earth, the humans live in little dome compounds underwater. As odd as that might sound, it also sounds really fun to me.

It was interesting (to say the least) to decide what kind of wallpaper I wanted to make. On the one hand I wanted a somewhat dark wallpaper, but then on the other hand I wanted something bright and colorful (although I cannot deal with bright/colorful wallpapers on my own computer). So this is what came about.

Water Bubble Brushes
Fonts: Respective & Selfish & Before the Rain
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