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Fonts: Daniel Black from dafont.com and Handwriting-Dakota (default)

This is a wallpaper I've been piecing together off and on over the course of the week. I started it last Saturday night after getting frustrated with another wallpaper that will most likely never be finished. It started with putting in Haruka and Michiru and getting them in the right position. A day or two later I looked for a background. I looked on Minitokyo for something with cherry blossoms in it. I was hoping to find a park scene, but ended up finding these drawings of schools. So I went with one of those.

After putting in the background I decided to make the whole thing black and white and put on a heavy sepia filter, which I guess defeated the purpose of finding something with cherry blossoms, but oh well. The hardest part was coming up with the title. I couldn't think of a song that would really fit, but I think what I came up with in the end works. So there you have it, my second Haruka and Michiru wallpaper. Well, the second one I've submitted anyway. I made my first one a couple years ago that didn't turn out too well. I may do a remake of that one. Enjoy.

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