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Heroes(Judai & Yusei ver.)
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This scan was a challenge to turn into a wall. Mainly due to the fact that I tried to get Yugi into the wallpaper too but it wouldn't fit the resolution of the wallpaper I was making. So I'm going to be making another one with Yugi from the same scan. The original scan can be found here. The scan is amazing,in fact it is one of the best Yu-Gi-Oh scans I've had the pleasure of running acrossed given the fact that good Yu-Gi-Oh scans seem to be so rare. Also it was a challenge because I didn't want to make it too dark because the scan was already dark to begin with. Well I darkened it with a texture but I didn't want it too be so dark you couldn't see Yusei and Judai. I'm sorry that only part of Yami Yugi's hair is visible. I will be making one featuring just him too. I'm not entirely happy with this wallpaper to be honest and I would like some advice on what I could do better. I hope everyone enjoys the wallpaper. Dedicated to Morbid Dollie because I like dedicating things to you and mainly because you're so awesome. Or should I redo the whole wallpaper all together?
PLEASE VIEW LARGEST FOR BEST QUALITY(any advice &/or crutiques are much appreciated)

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