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NOTHING is more beautiful than a confident girl who doesn't pretend to be something she's not.

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This is my entry for the Miss Independant wallpaper challenge hosted by xNotUnderstood. I saw this challenge and I knew I just had to make a wallpaper for it. It was hard trying to decide on an anime female character I would look up to. I decided on Shana because I really admire her. I admire Shana for a lot of reasons. I admire her confidence,strength,and her ability to keep her composure in a tough situation. I also love her firey strength and she doesn't take any crap from any villians. I wish I could be more like Shana. I wish I could show the same fearlessness she does when her back is against the wall. Maybe one day I can be more like Shana.
I picked this quote for one simple reason. Shana is confident and beautiful and she is true to who she is. She accepts her responsiblity as a flame haze and she protects whoever needs protecting. At first when she meets Yuji she has a bit of an attitude problem. But as she gets to know him she becomes more confident and nice around him and she also learns more about herself. He also gave her the name Shana.
The wallpaper was a challenge because I had trouble deciding what images would work best with the vector of Shana I found(link above). I have been wanting to make a wallpaper with this vector for a long time but never could quite find the right images for a background. Finally I was able to make this wallpaper featuring this awesome Shana vector. I used a couple actions to get the effect I wanted. I will be posting the links to those later. I hope everyone enjoys the wallpaper. Dedicated to ItachiSasuke because she's awesome just like Shana. Love you Asuka

NOTE:View Widescreen resolutions to see the whole wallpaper.
EDIT:The actions I used are now linked.

Shakugan no Shana Wallpapers
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