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Love Triangle~d.e.a.d S.I.D.E~
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"I didn't know what to say to her - I was caught in a love triangle with one dead side.” ~John Green

Main image(can't find link, sorry. I've had it in my files for along time)

This wallpaper requires a tricky explanation. First of all, this is my entry for the "Happy Valentine's Day" wallpaper challenge hosted by Knight Edge. I have had this image in my files for a long time. I've always wanted to make a wallpaper with it and this challenge gave me that opportunity.
Love triangles are always tricky but this one is interesting because Judai doesn't seem to share feelings for Asuka or Rei which explains the quote. He's the dead side to this love triangle. He likes them both as friends but nothing more. Asuka has feelings for Judai as well but she knows they might be together one day but for now they are just friends. Judai in the beginning was clueless about anything that didn't involve Duel Monsters, love was one of them. He was too dense to see that these girls had feelings for him but in the later seasons of GX he figures it out. But in the image, Asuka is jealous of Rei. Rei is the dark haired girl hugging Judai. He looks like he doesn't quite know what to say which also ties in with the quote. That's the best explanation I could come up with to explain how the quote relates to this wallpaper.
The hopeless romantic in this wallpaper is Rei(dark haired girl hugging Judai). Ever since she first met him she has had a huge crush on Judai. She always calls him Judai-sama and it gets quite annoying. But I digress. She is a hopeless romantic because she thinks that Judai harbors hidden feelings for her when Judai just likes her as a friend and nothing more. He always acts surprised when she hugs him and doesn't really know quite what to say. Her dueling deck is themed(well in the first season it was) with wedding themed cards. She hopes to find her prince(which she thinks is Judai) and marry him someday. She will always be the hopeless romantic of this love triangle.
The jealous one is Asuka. She has feelings for Judai that develop over time. In the 4th season, she tries to confess her love for him but it didn't end up coming out right. She told him that they'll always be rivals and friends forever. She hopes that she might have another chance to confess her feelings to him someday. But I think she had her chance and I don't think she'll have another chance. But who knows?
That's the best I can come up with. Sorry if it is a little confusing. I did my best. The wallpaper itself was easy to make. I used a bokeh and it wasn't too hard to find a quote that fit. Overall I'm very happy with it. I hope everyone enjoys the wallpaper. Happy Valentine's Day to EVERYONE! Judai loves you all!
Dedicated to Vanilla Cupcake. I'm dedicating this wallpaper to Vanilla Cupcake mainly because she has been making so many sweet romantic and inspirational wallpapers and dedicating them to all of her friends. The other day I received a very sweet wallpaper from her. She is truly a sweetheart and she's also a great friend. I hope you like it Cupcake-chan(can I call you that?) Thank you so much for being so sweet. Judai loves you.

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