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Wallpaper style inspiration:Lileeboo
Wallpapers that inspired this wallpaper: [1] [2]
Background filters from Photoshop
ACTION [1] [2]

First of all let me explain the title. I was inspired by Lileeboo's style of wallpapers which lead me to create this wallpaper. Originally I was going to create a My Little Pony wallpaper but didn't have the right renders or images. So I made a Judai wallpaper. I'm happy with how it turned out.
For the background I started off with a gradient and I added a bokeh texture to it. I was going to go with a simple solid color background but it was too simple for me so I decided to take it a step further and use a gradient. I liked the gradient but it was still too simple for me so I added the bokeh and it ended up being perfect.
Let me explain the process of the multiple color shadows(?) of Judai. Again this was inspired by Lileeboo's 2 My Little Pony wallpapers(linked above). Basically I wanted to try something new. Originally I wasn't usually going to use actions but it ended up added some magic to the wallpaper. I'm just so happy with how this wallpaper came out. I had a lot of fun creating this wallpaper. Lileeboo was a major inspiration here with her unique style. Also the colors are for the dorms in Duel Academy (Red:Osirus/Slifer Red,Yellow:Ra Yellow,Blue:Obelisk Blue). I think Judai surpassed all the colors/ranks of Duel Academy even though he was in Slifer Red throughout the whole anime of Yu-Gi-Oh GX.
Dedicated to Lileeboo because without her awesome style of wallpapers, this wallpaper wouldn't have been possible. Also dedicated to Hana Ishida who is my best friend and I love her dearly. I hope you guys like it. I love you guys.

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