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Song Inspiration/Lyrics:Borderland performed by Mami Kawada

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This wallpaper is going to be difficult to explain but I shall do my best...
This wallpaper was ultimately inspired by Mami Kawada's Borderland. It is one of my favorite songs by her. The music in this song is just amazing and the lyrics are really cool. I incorporated lyrics from the first verse. I would have used all the lyrics from the full song but there wasn't room and it would have cluttered the wallpaper and it's busy enough with the images and lyrics I already used. I did my best to arrange them to go with the pattern of the chessboard. It was challenging but well worth the effort.
The story here is from the 3rd/4th seasons of Yu-Gi-Oh Gx. Judai goes through a lot of hell towards the end of the 3rd season with Yubel possessing Johan and with dealing with his inner darkness(Haou/The Supreme King). Judai finally realizes he has to fuse his soul with Yubel to save everyone and he has to learn how to deal with his new powers enhanced by Yubel. Judai changed drastically in the 4th season. No longer is he as fun loving and carefree and naive as he used to be. He became isolated and more serious. I relate to this part of GX mainly because I've been through my own bad experiences that caused me to change drastically. I can really relate to Judai. Judai and I are almost one person in a way. I don't know how else to explain it.
The lyrics talk about debating which side of the board you're on. Hence the chessboard and the song Borderland. I used lyrics from the first verse because they fitted Judai and Yubel. Yubel was trying to kill Judai but in the end, his love for her saved him and everybody. Judai still questions whether he's on the good side or evil side. He's in between, he uses his dark powers for good much like Riku in KH2.
Dedicated to ItachiSasuke. You're a good friend to me. You've always been there for me and always supported me in my artwork. Thank you for all your love,friendship,and support. I really appreciate it. I hope you like the wallpaper.
Hope everyone enjoys the wallpaper.

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