Judai Winchester (Wallpaper Portfolio) Nothing (G.O.L.D) can stay

Nothing (G.O.L.D) can stay
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So Dawn goes the Day,Nothing Gold can stay~Robert Frost

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Made this as a follow up wallpaper to this wallpaper.
This one also uses the Robert Frost quote but this time the quote is in the wallpaper. Cookies for anyone who can find it Also used a new font.
I really love this scene in Bonds Beyond Time. It's a happy and a sad scene too. I hope they all meet again one day. I loved the whole movie. Yusei,Yugi,and Judai are all so cool! My favorite is Judai but honestly all 3 of these guys are my favorite characters. I love how they became such good friends in such a short amount of time. The quote reflects their short friendship and also how they have to leave with the promise that they will all meet again someday.
All I did in this wallpaper was use one texture,actually two textures and a photoshop action. I hope everyone enjoys the wallpaper.
Member Dedication:MangaKid You are always so helpful and such a great friend too me. In fact you've been an epic friend. You're always so kind to others and you make the most epic art. You are truly an inspiration. I have to dedicate this wallpaper to you because you always give me great advice and you're such an inspiraton to me. Thank you for always being there for me Jess. You are truly a one of a kind special person. I loves you Jess,you're one of bestest best friends

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