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Kailith~Defender of Internets~
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Original Art

First of all,the art is by Kailith. She is just such a talented artist. When I saw this art, I had to make it into a wallpaper. This wallpaper was just so much fun to make
I photoshopped the hell out of this. I gotta say. Not only was this wallpaper a challenge. I wanted to create a video game kind of feel to it so that will explain the health bar I created. Actually I used this template to create the KH bar. It was hard. That was a process in itself. But I'm happy with how it came out.
The wallpaper itself was another story. I found a couple of little computer viruses to make it look like she was fighting them. That was hard. Originally I was going to leave them out but the wallpaper didn't feel right without them. I also used a lot of brushes to create the magical powers. The background is from Tron I think. It fitted what I had in mind perfectly. Also you will see a reflection of her. Cookies for anyone who can find it All I got to say is this wallpaper was fun and a challenge to create. I hope everyone enjoys the wallpaper.
Member Dedication:Kailith because she created the fantastic art. I had to make this wallpaper with your art. I couldn't resist. Also you are so awesomely EPIC. I hope you like it dear. I loves chu ^^

Source Art
Kailith, Defender of the Internet ~Kailith
theOtaku.com Wallpapers
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