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Girls Night Out
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Submission for the Old School challenge!

Evangelion was one of the first animes I ever watched and while I had absolutely no idea what the hell was going on I absolutely LOVED IT! I remember watching the movies a few years later which also made no sense and still didnt provide a proper ending because I still had absolutely no idea what the hell happened... but I loved them too!! XD Now with the new movies (1:01, 2:02, etc) Im really hoping it has an ending that makes sense this time. Either way I will probably love it ^_^

So the vector was pretty basic and only took me a couple of days, I changed the wallpaper behind the girls because I just really like swirly stuff like that. Sorry to Pen Pen who was in the original scan but didnt make it to the wallie, just couldnt fit you in matey.

I know the challenge is specifically for Old School pre-2000 animes and while Neon Genesis Evangelion is 95-ish, with Mari in this particular scan it dates it to the new movies which are, well now 2010+ but but Luicifers wife said it was ok! >.< Essentially I just fell in love with the scan and immediately wanted to make a wallie of it <3

Original Scan -Evangelion Gals
Plus texture I love pretty swirly stuff


Evangelion Wallpapers
Asuka Langley Soryu, Evangelion, Makinami Mari Illustrious, Neon Genesis Evangelion, purple, Rei Ayanami
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