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All I Want This Winter
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Woop woop, I made it in time for the Minitokyo Wintry Wonderland 3 contest! *bounces around and throws confetti* I was afraid I wasn't going to make anything because I had absolutely no inspiration left to start a new project and none of my already-started ones fit the theme ToT So yesterday I went looking though my "future projects" folder and found this manga page, and I just imagined the standing guy making the other one drink some hot cocoa, hehe. All in all, I feel pretty good 'cause I crossed another image off my list~
Btw, that's not a color spill on the chest of the guy who's lying down; that's part of his pajamas, which are covered up by the bed sheet.

This time I went for a simpler style - and reused the snowflake brushes from Cyclical 'cause I'm a lazy ass - because anything else just didn't feel right. One of my original ideas was to have a window on the right with piles of snow outside and the guys dimly lit...but ain't nobody got time fo dat (`へ´*)ノ So the final result is what you see before your eyes: a more minimalistic wallpaper with a color scheme that constantly reminded me of a Coca-Cola bottle, and pretty snowflake shapes in bubbles that hover for no apparent reason. If anyone wants other color schemes, feel free to ask~

Comments and favs are greatly appreciated~ (*≧▽≦)

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