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Gin's Dawn to Las Noches
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Usually, nowadays, when someone complains about theO being dead, I don't have time to submit something to prove that I am still around, but it was different this time. Perhaps due to the active Bleach RP I am in, I finally finished yet another Bleach wallpaper project that I have been working on and off for a couple years. I hope it meets with the expectations from my followers. Please comment.

This wallpaper is the second of a pair of wallpapers showing the duality in Gin's personality. He's definitely one of my all-time favorite characters in the story and for my muse considering all the wallpapers from me to him. The first one in the pair, Nighttime Gin, showed his much more apparent dark side. This one, however, focuses on the subtle honorable, sad, vulnerable, and kinder shades in his personality.

Even if Nighttime Gin, Gin and Fate (both versions), and Gin's Moon were finished first, the first draft of this wallpaper started my muse's obsession with Gin. Why? Because of two elements of the original draft, a blooming sakura blossom on the otherwise dead tree of Las Noches and that perfect smile in the scan in the foreground. Actually more an accident than on purpose, the combination had too much potential for me to drop it, to convey both life and death, hope and despair simultaneously

Sakura blossoms are symbolic of the samurai spirit, of their iron pride and their beautiful, fleeting lives. What better symbol for Gin, the captain who never once wavered in his own secret goals, even if it sent him to Hell, who let go of life only when he saw that someone could accomplish what he couldn't? Tite Kubo structured his story so that he was thought of as one of the main villains yet with glimpses of the truth beyond the mask of the fox, but we didn't get most of the answers until he was already gone. In the wallpaper, mostly by coincidence, most of the clips display the resolve and confidence in which he led his life and the quotes chosen reflect his more hidden side. The dawn in the background in Hueco Mundo, a place of eternal night, and the small cluster of green life and blossoms, where life is fleeting and an ugly battle of survival, reflect on the kind of person he was and what he gave up willingly. I believe he died at peace with himself and the choices in his life.

Hidden Quote: "If you were to turn into a snake tomorrow and begin devouring Humans, and from the same mouth you devoured Humans, you cried out to me "I love you!" Would I still be able to say "I love you" the same way I do today?"

I nearly cried a couple times putting this together when I looked at the big picture. The first wallpaper represents the tricky fox with his chilling charisma, which pulled me to him from the beginning, and this wallpaper shows why he is one of my top favorite characters of all time.

This isn't the last wallpaper for him but I do think it's my best tribute to him yet. I might use most of the background ONE more time for his relationship with Rangiku. I haven't decided yet.


Manga/Quotes (c) Tite Kubo

Since it's been so long since I started this wallpaper, I don't have all the credit links available anymore. The scan is from MiniTokyo, but I don't have the link. The gate border is also from that scan. I expanded the sides for my purpose. The background is a combination of a scan from NASA and my own photograph. I don't know where I found the texture. I suspect it came from a friend from a contest on the O ages ago. If anyone recognizes it, tell me and I will add the credit.

This is dedicated to the best Gin RPer: Gin Ichimaru, retired from hosting but still a dear friend.

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