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Oh Lily of Purity...
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Song: Liliuim full version

Oh how sacred
How serene
How bevolent
How lovely
Oh, lily of purity!

Photoshop CS5

Well, here we go! After whining and whining about this wallpaper I finally completed it. Because I have watched very less tragic Animes this was a really tough one, but I finally came to a conclusion after choosing Amamiya Yuuko from Ef- a fairy tale of two series.

Ok, get ready for the spoiler guys!
Ef- a fairy tale of two is a story about many characters who are inter related with each other but for now I'll tell you guys the story of Yuu and Yuuko. Both met as high school students when Yuuko transferred to Yuu's school. Yuu soon fell in love with Yuuko but she wouldn't let him near her. But one day finally came when Yuu crossed the barrier surrounding Yuuko and learned her story. Yuuko was the foster sister of Yuu's art teacher. After their parents died Yuuko's brother started to abuse her sexually. He would hit her and force her to submit herself to him and she was tired of it as it had been going on for years. When Yuu learned this he swore to protect Yuuko and both of them ran away to another city. But, Yuuko's brother followed them there and brought her back. Then Yuu went to Yuuko's house to rescue her and as a result their whole house burned down with Yuuko's brother dying with it. After that they started living a peaceful life, until Yuuko died in an accident on Christmas leaving Yuu alone forever.
So, I think that's a pretty tragic story...And, it the song matches Yuuko quite nicely. SO, here you go guys, for the challenge Lilium!

Dedicated to my good friend Nichole, because I want that brownie point. :3 :)

Ef - a tale of memories Wallpapers
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