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Ami Mizuno as Sailor Mercury
Mercury 2
Mercury 3
*cant remember where I found the Eternal Sailor Mercury Vector but is made by Sam B. *water texture can't be found, lost link
Other textures and effects by me in photoshop.

Well (finally) here is Ami Mizuno, the sailor senshi of water and wisdom. She is known for her intelligence and is an integral part of the inner senshi. As Ami Mizuno she is acing tests, keeping up with her homework, and hanging out with her friends. As Sailor Mercury she uses her intellect to strategize and plan with the aid of her mini mercury computer and goggles that help see the enemies in a given area. Pretty cool stuff. I like Sailor Mercury for her overall awesomeness and kindness and meeting Usagi and the others gives her confidence too. Also love all the blue and water. :3
Basically all I did was make a wallpaper centering around Ami's element of water and to showcase her different stages of her form. And of course used a render I found of how she will appear in Sailor Moon Crystal as the main focus. Used a combonation of textures, actions, and images to achieve this effect. I'm happy with how it turned out. I hope you guys enjoy the wallpaper.
Dedication: Keba Si Rota
Cause I remember you saying you were looking forward to the Sailor Mercury wallpaper and cause you're just overall awesome. TheO wouldn't be the same without you. You're a very talented artist and a kind friend. For that I dedicate this one to you.
Next up is Sailor Moon herself. Yay! Also was able to see the 1st episode of Sailor Moon Crystal. I Loved IT~<3!!! Can't wait for the next one. ^^

Sailor Moon Wallpapers
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