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Red & Poppin'
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This is not my most recent wallpaper, however I present to you, the apple of my eye.rnThis is by far I think my best work. Although technically it's very simple, there are a number of layers but all techniques involved are not like majorly hugely complicated. But, I love it. Took me ages, for the red part anyway. I submitted in for a contest; a one on one wallpaper making duel. The funny thing is the guy who challenged me was, a guy, and people waiting for the submissions somehow turned it into a guy vs girl duel, which became hilarious cuz all the girls were rooting for me and all the guys rooting for him. Some guys, whom I made graphics for before remained undecided, but it was all so hilarious when I presented them with this. I was sure as hell they though I would presenting them with pink flowers or something. What was even funnier is that the guy submitted a hatsune miku wallpaper. So funny. I don't mean that he wasn't great, in fact hands down his wallpaper had technique I to this day cannot do, and probably will not learn cuz using the pen tool was never my thing. But it was funny for me and him to see the dumbfounded reactions of the audience lol. rnrnThe only wrong thing I did was make it at 50%, so when I added my name there as I usually did I put it at a much bigger size than I normally would and it looks ugly. And I never bothered to change it /sigh/ lazy person is lazy.rnrnAfter deliberation and stuff … I won. rnrnI was so happy, and my opponent was great, he didn't make winning easy. In fact I was happy he chose to duel with me in the very beginning. It was a fun experience, and he loved my wallpaper so he was like I'll let it slide this time xD Everybody wins.rnrnI hope you enjoy it, as much as I do anyway. Comments are very desirable this time round. I'd love to see what you people think. I blabbed on a lot this time didn't I …rnrnEnjoy!

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alucard, black and white, castlevania, game, red, vampire, video game
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