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It has been a bit since my last wallpaper. Yes I am officially back and making wallpapers as time affords me or when inspiration strikes. So here is another wallpaper from me.

This one features Cardcaptor Sakura. I love the art of both the anime and the manga. I've seen some of the anime although it was "English Dubbed" under the name of "Cardcaptors". I may watch the original Japanese version one day. But I've read the manga and liked it. Lovely art.

I can say this one didn't quite turn out as expected. I started out creating like a pinkish night time nebula feel but end up creating a sort of futuristic cosmic feeling instead with magic and fantasy elements. This seems to fit Sakura well I noticed. I just let the creativity take me where it may and this wallpaper was the result. It took an hour or so maybe longer to make due to my computer's slowness. But here it is nonetheless.

I hope everybody enjoys the wallpaper.

Dedication: 21Emmz12
I was inspired by your CCS wallpaper so I dedicate this one to you. Hope you like it. You're epic!

Card Captor Sakura Wallpapers
bokeh, cardcaptor sakura, Cardcaptors, cards, clouds, cosmic, fantasy, futuristic, magical girl, moon, sakura, sakura kinomoto, sky, stars, synchro circle, wand
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