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Power of Friendship
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Collage | Colorful Texture

Collage Images: 60+ (took a few hours to put together by itself)

Made in Photoshops

To be honest this wallpaper just kind of happened. I found a site that housed a ton of cool Yu-Gi-Oh GX screenshots. All of which were pretty decent quality. This of course lead to me to save a ton of different images and make a collage out of them which is linked above.

Anyway this is kind of a tribute to the last few episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh GX in a way with Judai fighting against Darkness, Johan and Judai's Duel against Fujiwari, and of course their graduation and Judai leaving to travel on his own. That is the kind of story I tried to tell with the collage by itself. It took me a few hours to arrange as mentioned above. It consists of 67 images all together. Eventually I may make one that is 100+ images if I have the time (and patience).

I had a hard time deciding who or what to put in the foreground. So I settled on a vector of Johan and Judai I had used before in a previous wallpaper. It seemed to fit the theme I was aiming for which was friendship which is the core of many Yu-Gi-Oh series. I think they seemed to fit the best with the collage and background and therefore are what ended up sticking. Overall I like how it came out.

What would you guys think of different characters featured with this same-ish background? Please let me know your thoughts. That being said I hope everybody enjoys the wallpaper.

Dedicated to Snowzi because I can.

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