Rainbow Dragon (Wallpaper Portfolio) just like {FiRe} (Shana ver.)

just like {FiRe} (Shana ver.)
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Original SHANA is original

Background Shana | Bokeh | Color | Song (Just Like Fire - P!NK)


I consider this to be version one because to be honest I had a completely different idea of what I wanted to do versus how it came out here. So I may make another version to compliment this one soon.

Anyway I recently watched Alice: Through the Looking Glass and I absolutely love the credit song (which is sung by the incredible Pink). I just had to do something as a tribute to this incredible song. So this wallpaper happened. To me Shana is the best one to represent all things fire because of her abilities to manipulate and control fire in her respective series. She is also vulnerable and has trouble being confident at times just like Alice did in her story. So that's why I chose Shana to be my image character for this song.

This started out way different than it appears now. I had a more softer, colorful, bokeh version in mind (which I'm still gonna do) but this ended up being a fiery more intense version which is what Shana is known for. I think it happened this way for a reason. Anyway I like how it turned out. It was a new and different experience for me. I would appreciate some feedback on this as it is my first time trying something like this.

I hope everybody enjoys the wallpaper. Dedicated to XxArrancarFanxX.

Shakugan no Shana Wallpapers
bokeh, embers, fire, flame, flame haze, lyrics, orange, red, shakugan no shana, shana, wings, yellow
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