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Original Shana is Original

Background | background 2 | Sunburst | Fire | ACTION

Song: Light My Fire ~ KOTOKO


This is my entry for Snowzi's wallpaper challenge. While Shana isn't exactly a Samurai in the most traditional terms. Her weapon Nietono no Shana however is a very traditional Samurai weapon. This Flame Haze is gifted with this sword from a mysterious spirit and made the oath to become a Flame Haze with the Flame of Heaven. She uses her mysterious abilities to battle monsters known as Rin. They feed off of the existence of humans and Shana alongside Yuji stop them and protect Misaki City. Somehow Kazumi becomes involved and yeah I don't feel like explaining the whole plot of SHakugan no Shana. Just wanted to give a little background how Shana relates to the challenge.

Don't know how much Shana is like a samurai but she is mindful and tactful when strategic on battling her opponents. Her attitude is not samurai like at first but I suppose as time goes on she becomes more mindful and more strategy oriented. But she has a flame wielding katana which is awesome.

If this doesn't qualify please let me know and I can do another.

Wallpaper is composed of city stocks with starburst effect along with a fire texture. Lyrics are from a KOTOKO song that served as the first opening for the final season. These lyrics ended up playing into the theme I had in mind. The theme is I finally found something to fight for. And that is what I am doing. So this making this wallpaper had some personal meaning as well.

I meant to upload this a few days ago but I've been busy with college. And this was the only time I could finally get this put up online.

Hope everybody enjoys the wallpaper. Dedicated to Snowzi for making the challenge.

Shakugan no Shana Wallpapers
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