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Walk Through the Fire
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Original Sunset Shimmer is original

| city | flames | embers

Lyrics from this song (Walk Through the Fire ~ Buffy Cast)

walk Through the Photoshop


To be honest I had to make a wallpaper to express how I've been feeling as of late. I have been feeling kind of like my limits and sanity has been tested. I wanted to express these feelings in a wallpaper. Hence the brooding Sunset Shimmer and the choice of lyrics I chose to use to represent my feelings. This is a song that has come to mean a lot to me over the past several years. I loved the Buffy the Vampire episode in season 6 called "Once More, With Feeling" and this is one of the songs sang by Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) along with the rest of the Buffy Cast (Anthony Stewart Head, James Marsdon, Alyson Hannigan, along with many other talented people who's names I can't remember right at this moment).

Originally I was going to use lyrics from "Never Again" by Kelly Clarkson but this one seemed so much better. Especially for what I wanted to convey. Walk Through the Fire expresses to me a feeling of being forced to face the consequences of what has transpired. This can mean many things to many people. Could be certain family members aren't respecting your identity (true story for me), or facing a tough decision, whatever it may be, this song just has so much meaning in that regard.

I feel the song fits Sunset SHimmer because she's had to go through some tough battles and transitions. Like right after she was a she demon, she had to face the hostility of the school, with only the huMane 5 on her side (and Princess Twilight of course). But over time she grew through the next 3 Equestria Girls movies to become the Sunset Shimmer that is tough, fearless, and she became a leader. That's why I chose her to represent myself because I can relate to her.

Wallpaper has city images, Sunset Shimmer, meaningful lyrics, along with fire to represent well fire or obstacles. This wallpaper took me at least an hour with a Photoshop almost crash and almost loosing all this progress which lead to me getting frustrated and cussing at my computer screen to luckily almost everything being ok. So that's good. That's how this wallpaper was made, and of course the description above too.

Hope everypony enjoys the wallpaper.

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