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My fave anime:
The Malancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya
Black Rock Shooter
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[ Anime Review ] Black Rock Shooter

[ Dead Master and Yomi on the left, Black Rock Shooter and Mato on the right ]

Heh. I am bored on this fine day so I decide to do a review of the anime Black Rock Shooter. The creator (I think) is Huke. BRS (Black Rock Shooter) is one of my fave anime, I admit. Its a movie. It revolves around a young teenage girl named Mato. She soon befriends a strange girl named Yomi. They become very best friends (BFFs).
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Then came a day when Mato and Yomi tried out for some sport (basketball I think). Mato loses connection with Yomi because she hangs out with another classmate during basketball. Yomi suddenly disappears.
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I watched it a few months ago and there might be some gaps in the review ^^;
Mato tries to find Yomi but no luck. She remembers a charm that Yomi and her had as a sign of friendship. [ I think I remember ] that Mato gets sucked into the charm (lol) and she becomes as known as "Black Rock Shooter." She has a cool cannon and sword and a sexy bikini XD
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Its just her in the world. Its a deserted world. Everything is broken and black. Soon she becomes united with another called "Dead Master." SHE IS YOMI! <--- Major spoiler XD
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BRS and DM (Dead Master )fight and fight until the end. There was one part DM was able to capture and chain BRS, but she got out. It turned out Yomi was possessed and was evil. She was jealous of Mato's popularity. There are a few other characters such as Black Gold Saw and Strength, but they had very little parts in the movie.
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Of course, love rules!
Thats exactly how Black Rock Shooter got Dead Master. [I forgot the ending ] But all I remember that BRS and DM hugging. Then the scene swoops back to the real world when Mato and Yomi are BFFs again!
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I conclude that the anime is quite well animated and written. Awesome! If you haven't watched it, you are missing out~

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