Unable to Reply

for some reason. the O isn't letting me comment or reply to anyone who has made a comment on anything : / so if you leave a comment and I don't answer. Please know I have read it and plan to answer as soon as this problem gets fixxed :( ...

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Wtf?! >:|

Seriously wtfh!? It's pissing me off with these Wallpapers i keep making and people keeping takeing them down because it "fan art" Seriously?! am I the only one with these problem? I'm giving credit to everyone. it's not like I'm ...

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Into The Woods

Our school is doing into the Woods. The play. If you don't know .... here's what it is!!! V ...

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We had an EarthQuake!!!!

Virgina just had a 5.8 earthquake
that I felt all the way here in Philly.


Scared the SHIT out of me becuz I've never been in an earth quake before.

Thank god no one got hurt.

My new kitty cat!

:D Me and JapaneseTeddybear went to Tyler State Park with my neighbors. One of my neighbor's were driving up and they were saying how they were hear...

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