Is This Gay?

OK, well I asked you guys what I should get for get my boyfriend. Someone told me I should put a ribbon on my head. ... I am. But I'm also gonna make him a ... Music Video But I don't like he'll like it. I...

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Argh! My head!

I'm not feeling good guys! :( my head hurt like hell! I'm so-what gland. cuase if this continues 'til monday, I don't have to go to school (Yay!) But, I'm sick. which isn't good. Because alllllll of this week I wasn't...

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Request Challenge

I'm learning spanish now in school! well this today we just started learned stuff, I'm not that good yet, but I'll tell you what I do know! Hola! Buenas dias. (buenas tardes/Buenas noches) Como estas? Como te llamas?...

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So far. ....

Well, so far....
High School... .SUCKS!

I didn't get to eat lunch becuase I had to get a bus pass
I'm not liking the teachers to much
I had to walk 2 miles home
blah blah blah

I don't like it.

Please read

Today ... is my last day of summer I JUST get my rooster, and so far me and my BF have the first three classes together it seems, and lunch. But other then that. ... I'm starting High School! I'm scared. I'm not star...

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